Hot Air Crew App

Embark on a seamless and connected hot air ballooning experience with Hot Air Crew, the ultimate app designed for balloonists and their crews. Elevate your adventures to new heights as pilots and crew members stay in sync with real-time location tracking and essential flight data.

Key Features:

Live Location Sharing:

Effortlessly keep tabs on your pilot or crew members with live location tracking on an interactive map. Stay connected in the vast open skies, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Flight Information at Your Fingertips:

Access critical flight details such as heading, altitude, and speed with a glance. Stay informed throughout the journey, enhancing communication and coordination for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Live Data Screen for Pilots:

Pilots can monitor their crew’s positions in real-time through the Hot Air App Live-Data Screen. Enhance collaboration and streamline communication between the balloon and the ground crew for a synchronized and smooth flight.

Explore New Horizons:

Discover new launch sites, navigate uncharted territories, and explore the world from a unique perspective. Hot Air Crew is your reliable companion for every ballooning adventure.

Crew and Pilot Collaboration:

Foster teamwork with a shared platform that facilitates communication between crew members and pilots. Hot Air Crew enhances the overall situational awareness.

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The Sky's The Limit

We Have Created an awesome tool.

Navigate to the Settings page to input your nickname, request the Channel and Password from your pilot, and select your preferred icon color. Below, you’ll find the option to activate screen lock, preventing your device from entering sleep mode. After completing these steps, simply tap the back arrow in the top left corner to access the Crew Live Data Screen.

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