Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Real-Time Display

While in flight you are able to see Real-Time Data including Heading, Altitude, VSI, and speed.  Also unleash the Wind Data tab to find those navigation layers.  Finished out with Google Maps with Satellite View to assist in finding that perfect landing spot.

Your Flight History in your hands

Enjoy having a digital log of all your flights in one location.

Your flight log will include take off and landing location. Along with the system you are flying, total flight time, crew members, and weather data.


Need to know if you are still current?

The Summary Page quickly tallies flights and hours flown.   The summary includes a total of all flights or jus the ones made within the past 90 days.

Flight Tracks

See your Flight Tracks and convert to a new log entry.

On the Map Tab, The logged flights that have a saved takeoff and landing location can be plotted and compared on an interactive map that you can see immediately after you set your landing point.

Payload Calculator

An easy to use interactive load management

Enter the information for your system and know how much gross weight you can carry based on information inputed from your flight manual.

Do you have a feature request?

drop us an email and we will evaluate the request for the next release!