The best electronic tool for every balloonists flight.

Hot Air is a iOS application for flight logging and tracking application made specifically for hot air balloon pilots! It’s like having a log book and data recorder in your pocket! Hot air is loaded with lots of different features; many based on pilots feedback from around the world.

The Sky's The Limit

We Have Created an awesome tool.

Our application is a tool you don’t want to fly without.  Just ask any hot air balloon pilot what app they use.

Official Flight Instruments

Billy Billy Balloons has selected HotAir to be it official flight instruments and temperature sensor.  If you are in the market for a Cloud Hopper please visit 

Cato Technologies, LLC

Faces Behind The Hot air app

Owner: As a visionary entrepreneur, Josh has developed innovative tools for the aviation community, including the Hot Air App and a flight waiver app for balloon pilots. His latest endeavor, the Hot Air Crew App, streamlines communication and coordination among balloon crew members, further enhancing safety and efficiency in balloon operations.

Beyond his professional achievements, Josh is a devoted family man, sharing a fulfilling life with his wife, Amie, who is also a Commercial Balloon Pilot. Their shared passion for aviation and commitment to excellence continue to inspire those around them, shaping the future of ballooning.

Our Founder:  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shawn Gano, the visionary founder of the Hot Air app, for his unwavering dedication and tireless efforts over the years. Shawn’s profound knowledge and invaluable support have been instrumental in shaping the app into what it is today. Though he may no longer be actively involved in the application, his legacy continues to inspire and guide us. We are deeply thankful for his contributions and commitment to making Hot Air a success.

Contributors:  We want to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of Vincent Amon and Jeff Thompson to the Hot Air app. Vincent Amon’s expertise as the designer and manufacturer of the pyrometer sensors for Hot Air has significantly enhanced the app’s functionality and reliability. His dedication to providing high-quality sensors has been crucial to the app’s success. Additionally, Jeff Thompson’s meticulous maintenance of the user manual ensures that Hot Air users have access to clear and comprehensive guidance. Although neither Vincent nor Jeff owns the app, their assistance plays a vital role in its continued improvement and usability. We are immensely grateful for their contributions to the Hot Air community.